Friday, March 20, 2009 13:08

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a counselling technique used to treat the blocked mental states which affect us emotionally. NLP involves a therapy called Time Line which clears away years of emotional distress very quickly.

The best part of this therapy is that you don’t have to go through the explanation of your circumstances to eliminate the cause of the pain. You can but you don’t have to! It is a process not a ‘grilling’. Many counsellors are using this technique today as part of ‘accelerated processes’ with excellent results. There are books easily available to provide more information on NLP. (See bibliography.)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not a technique for the unqualified. It requires an experienced therapist. I would think all capital cities have access to these practitioners.

I appreciate the fact that in time of crisis many people may need expert help. These trained therapists bring hidden emotions to the surface and free the associated tensions by understanding and working through them with the patient.

There are many excellent books which help you recognise, and explain, how we find ourselves in these emotional situations. But I must say, attending a self improvement course can make living a lot easier. You have the chance to make new friends – each of whom is going through their own personal crisis.

We are told that our emotions are messengers and the meaning of the message is reflected in our feelings. When someone says something to you and you react emotionally, you are receiving a message. What it is, and how you can translate the emotion, is important.

We are bombarded by the media with tragic sensational news that shocks, depresses and angers us in frustration and despair. Laughter clinics are being established in hospitals in England and the USA as well as in private practice here. They teach us to find joy in our hearts again as an important way to regain health. May the alternative modalities also help you find a way … by giving you more choices in your search.

I will list the emotions in alphabetical order. In actual fact many overlap and run concurrently. Do read the whole section first and then go back to those problems that are appropriate to you.


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