Friday, March 20, 2009 12:20

When the pain settles down after an accident, however slight, it usually means that the spine has compensated for the injury by twisting away from the nerve irritation. By the time you are eventually forced to seek help, the chiropractor has two curves to fix.

Firstly, the acute pain must be settled, then the compensation must be straightened out. The patient says, ‘You’ve fixed my back but now my neck is sore.’ True and normal. The neck is the compensatory curve and is the second adjustment.

It is natural for the back to be sore after the first adjustment. After all, something was done to it, even if it didn’t hurt. Nearly all adjustments make a satisfying noise in a healthy spine. The chiropractor can tell so much about the condition of the spine from the sound made at the time of adjustment. There is no need to fear the sound. The expert produces no associated pain. Many people play the piano, few are concert pianists.

Your body only allows so much adjustment to occur at any time, so we give a series of treatments, listening at the same time to what your body has to say: how it responds to what’s being done to help it recover from injuries due to car accidents, sport, and other innocent pastimes.


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