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Of first importance is that the bowels are functioning properly. To achieve this, it will probably be necessary to give a small enema. Use an infusion of camomile or horsetail. The second important thing to watch with an infectious disease is the function of the kidneys; horsetail tea will be of help here, or better still, Nephroso-lid. Thirdly, the pores of the skin must be opened to excrete toxins. To be successful, you have to follow the advice of water therapists such as Kneipp, Priessnitz and others. For effective stimulation of the skin there is nothing better than water compresses. Whether these should be cold or warm depends on each individual case. You can hardly go wrong with warm water compresses, but cold ones require training and skill, for you must understand when and how to use them. However, to allay any undue fear I would like to add that a body with a high temperature is not likely to chill easily and a cold pack, as a rule, will produce even greater external heat, thus reducing the internal heat.

To sum up then, we should not lose sight of the basic principle, which is never to work against nature but to direct all our efforts towards supporting the body’s natural defence mechanism.

Children and adults fall victim to infectious diseases more easily if their nutrition is unhealthy and deficient. Existing deficiencies, even only slight vitamin deficiencies, encourage susceptibility to infectious diseases.

Many parents become afraid when their children have a rapidly rising temperature. But you should not forget that fevers really serve a very good purpose, because they quickly burn up the toxins in the body. Remember, too, that a child’s little heart is much stronger than you might think; in fact, it can endure much more strain than that of an adult, at least in proportion to its size.


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