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The specific formulation of tri-mix drugs to be administered is based on the type of erection achieved with test dosages. This is determined by your urologist during an office visit in which a sample tri-mix formulation is injected into the penis. Your comfort, the degree of erection obtained, and the time it takes for you to lose the erection are carefully observed by the doctor. The usual dose of phentolamine can range from 0.5 to 1 milligram (mg); 30 mg or less for papaverine; and i io 40 micrograms (meg) for prostaglandin E-l.

After the exact dosage is determined, the doctor has the medication compounded (prepared) at a special pharmacy. He also has to teach his patient how to self-inject. Understandably, this might take some getting used to, since the medication is shot into the base of the penis with a small hypodermic syringe. While this certainly sounds painful, some men describe it as merely a mild pinching sensation.

After receiving the dose, the man will achieve an erection within five to twenty minutes, the result of the relaxation of smooth muscle tissue, the dilation of main arteries, and blood filling the penis.”The erection can last between thirty and ninety minutes, becoming more rigid with sexual stimulation. However, the erection does not always disappear immediately after orgasm or ejaculation. While the injections have a high success rate—over 70 percent—the main cause of failure is usually due to the drugs’ inability to override poor blood flow to the penis. In some cases, although the tri-mix produces an initial erection, damaged veins in the penis allow blood to escape rapidly, resulting in an unsustainable erection.

To be certain that the appropriate dosage has been created for you, your erection should be over by the time you leave the doctor’s office. If too much is administered, priapism, an unwanted, prolonged erection that lasts for three or four hours, can develop. This painful and dangerous medical condition—named for Priapus, the Greek god of procreation—can lead to the destruction of erectile tissue if left untreated. Thankfully, it can be reversed by injecting an adrenaline-like drug into the penis.


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