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On 31 March 1964 I received the first letter from a patient in Brussels who had been suffering from multiple sclerosis for sixteen years. A year later, on 30 April 1965, he wrote again, about the effect of the recommended treatment. His letter read as follows:

‘I have been taking your reliable medicines for one year now and have very much improved. It is exactly a year since I started taking Petasites, Usneasan, Echinaforce, Aesculaforce, Urticalcin and Biocarottin regularly. Every week I receive a massage with fresh bullock testicles. My nurse always waits at the slaughterhouse when a bull is killed, so that she can get the testicles quite fresh. The massages are indeed excellent for me. But let me give you a few details of my progress. All symptoms caused by the illness -cold feet, problems with the bowel movement, insufficient urination, bad eyesight, half the head going numb – have completely disappeared. However, I am not yet able to walk. True, I can stand up now and my right foot is already 60 per cent active; only the left foot does not respond yet. But considering that I have been ill for seventeen years, I have made very good progress in just one year. May I add that I had not been able to hold a long conversation without getting tired out; but this is no longer a problem.


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