Thursday, April 9, 2009 4:19
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Even though it is said that in experiments it has been possible to transmit cancer from sick animals to healthy ones by infecting them with toxins from malignant tissues, there is absolutely no evidence that cancer is communicable in humans; it has also been proved that cancer can result if certain tissues are subjected to the influence of poisons over a period of time.

Nevertheless, it has been noted that when a marriage partner has died of cancer the other partner often falls victim to the insidious malady some time later. But this observation does not prove that the disease was transmitted to the partner; there is indeed another reason.

As a rule, both partners will have eaten the same food and lived in the same house and environment. Their work or occupation would often be similar, and the same is true of their philosophy of life, producing similar mental and emotional demands and stresses. In accordance with their physical predispositions, the existing bioclimatic conditions can also have the same effect on them. All these deliberations show that the cancer which killed one partner did not directly infect the other, but the same illness resulted from a combination of the same causes. Working together, these causes eventually led to cancer in the other partner as well.


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