Thursday, April 9, 2009 4:27
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There are indeed some primitive tribes, as we might describe them, who would provide a dentist with no work whatsoever. He could merely admire their beautiful teeth. For one thing, these people have inherited good teeth with the necessary armour-plating of excellent enamel.

So if you have children, see to it that they eat plenty of food rich in calcium and, in addition, give them a calcium preparation such as Urticalcin, the well-known nettle calcium supplement, as required. Should anything abnormal be noted, for instance oversen-sitivity to heat and cold, or perhaps painfulness when chewing, a visit to the dentist is called for. Any minor damage may then be quickly put right. Bacteria can easily invade once the protective cover or armour-plating, the tooth enamel, is broken, however small the crack may be. They cannot eat the enamel since it is too hard, but they enter the cracked protective surface and settle in the dentine, proliferate and ultimately destroy it. It is therefore of the utmost importance to act quickly. Do not wait until you get toothache, but visit your dentist regularly for a check-up and repair of minor damage, if necessary. Following this advice can help you to avoid the discomfort of a nerve treatment and dead teeth, which, after all, constitute a health hazard.


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