Thursday, April 9, 2009 4:45
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The skin cannot breathe naturally if the pores are blocked with cosmetics. In consequence it degenerates; the pores become larger. It is just as unsightly when the skin begins to slacken early, developing more wrinkles than would be expected as a result of the normal ageing process.

For a reliable skin care programme rub in Symphosan, a tried and tested comfrey preparation, every morning after washing. Afterwards, as a protection against strong sunlight or biting wind, apply Bioforce Cream, which contains lanolin, but it is not necessary to do this daily. Then, before going to bed, soak a cotton pad with Violaforce and dab over the whole face. In order to help the sebaceous glands, use a natural skin oil, or the lanolin cream already mentioned, two or three times a week. This treatment may be sufficient for everyday use, provided you are not too exposed to cold and sunshine. It is quite a simple treatment and you will derive great benefit if you take care of your skin like this for a few months. It will look much younger and the pores may even return to normal.


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