Friday, May 15, 2009 7:07
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Not all lumps in the breast are due to cancer.

A frequent finding, particularly in young women, is that the lump is due to a fibroadenoma.

These are benign, that is, non-cancerous tumors which consist of both fibrous and glandular tissue. They are smooth, hard and freely moveable in the surrounding breast tissue and rarely become larger than a pea.

The doctor may be confident of the diagnosis, yet breast cancer is so common, so feared, and its treatment has such poor results if the diagnosis is made late, that most surgeons agree all breast lumps should be examined.

Small cysts may form in the breast and these can both be diagnosed and treated by inserting a needle into the cyst and withdrawing fluid for examination.

Even before removing what appears to be a benign lump, the surgeon will talk to his patient to find out her wishes should he discover that the tumor is malignant.

The normal procedure is to operate, remove the lump and subject it to frozen section.


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