Friday, May 15, 2009 9:06
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The drugs need to be taken for as long as a year and the stones may re-form when they are stopped.

The main use, then, of CDC, is in those with cholesterol stones for whom surgery is a considerable risk or who have stones in inaccessible areas such as deep inside the liver.

While the concept of dissolving gallstones is an intriguing idea and seems more attractive to sufferers than operation, it is a possibility for only a few and operation remains the most effective treatment.

Most sufferers lose all their symptoms following removal of the gall bladder and can function satisfactorily. The bile is produced at a constant rate and drips down into the duodenum rather than being concentrated and entering in spurts.

Unfortunately, a few people will not lose their intolerance to fatty food and we are not sure why.

My advice is that, if your gallstones are causing trouble, you will be better if you and your gallbladder are parted.


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