Monday, May 18, 2009 6:50
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Nausea is feeling sick in the stomach and we all know what vomiting is!

As with all symptoms, the first thing to do if you develop nausea is to find out the reason for it. Here are some of the many possibilities. Nausea can be directly due to your cancer itself — such as when it is in the stomach area or liver, blocking the bowel or kidneys or in the brain (this last usually causes headache as well). Nausea can be due to cancer treatment — radiation, chemotherapy or too little corticosteroid hormone in the system. Cancer can also cause nausea indirectly, for example, through release of too much calcium in the blood. Anxiety can itself cause nausea and can also aggravate nausea of any cause. Of course, don’t forget that your nausea could be nothing to do with your cancer. For example, it could be caused by something you have eaten, a virus, gastritis, a stomach ulcer, or even a hangover!

It is important to consider every possible explanation. For example, just because you are having chemotherapy, you should not jump to the conclusion that any nausea you have is due to it. Chemotherapy-caused nausea usually follows a similar pattern for each course of treatment. If your pattern changes drastically, another reason should be looked for.


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