Sunday, December 12, 2010 10:19
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The menopause is frequently accompanied, we don’t quite understand why, by sudden slight disturbances of the circulation, called vasomotor symptoms. A wave of heat passes over the entire body, and is often followed by a profuse sweating. There may occasionally be a sense of violent heart-beating, almost a feeling of suffocation. These symptoms may be disconcerting but they have no special importance. One cannot be too exact about how long they will continue.
A woman told me that she had been having “hot flashes” for fifteen years. The modern use of hormones at the time of the menopause may prolong the period of symptoms. Since the ovary is one of the many glands of internal secretion which work together in sexual matters, when it stops functioning, the whole system is put out of balance and adjustments have to be made. The adjustments may not take place if ovarian extracts are supplied. Undoubtedly the judicious use of hormonal therapy may at times be well worth while. The great trouble is that it is frequently overdone and over prolonged.

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