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When discussing both diets and allergies, we need to keep in mind that what may greatly help one individual may not help another and that, occasionally, what is of benefit to one asthmatic may even be harmful to another. The same applies to allergens. One person may only suffer asthma during the high-pollen season, another all year round and another only when it’s very cold. The thing to remember is that, no matter what affects you or how it affects you, chances are that if nothing is done about it you will react to more and more things and at a lower level. The time to do something about it is now.
Nevertheless, there are some general diet rules which apply to the majority of asthmatics. You might be one of the few to which these rules and conditions do not apply, but in that case you will soon find out.
General Rules
While I cannot stress enough the importance of individualising the diet to suit the particular allergies or intolerances of each person, I can tell you that, as a general rule, most asthmatics will benefit from avoiding milk products. Some will be better off on a diet low in salicylates, amines and sulphites, and all asthmatics will benefit from avoiding metabisulphites and monosodium glutamate (MSG).
Aspirin and its related compounds, such as salicylates, can cause severe distress in some asthmatics, as can foods high in histamine and tyramine.
The majority of asthmatics should eat lots of garlic and onions as well as cruciferous green and yellow vegetables, unless they are allergic to salicylates. Caffeine and theophylline (in tea) act as bronchodilators and are almost as efficient as some of the drugs used for that purpose. If you are not allergic to tea or coffee, it can help. Remember, though, that coffee has to be broken down by the liver, so if the liver is already overworked, coffee may cause problems. In fact, we often take the fact that someone is easily affected by caffeine as an indication of the fact that he or she needs to undergo a liver detoxification programme before anything else.

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