Sunday, March 27, 2011 10:29
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The treatment of infants by Bach Flower Remedies appears problematic as the infant is unable to express its mood in as many words. But the infants show their feelings quite openly – a Chicory baby will cry immediately if its ward turns his or her attention to anything else; an Agrimony baby would cry only when there is something seriously wrong, a Clematis baby would sleep most of the time and not show interest in anything else, a baby who appears anxious and irritable all the time would require MIMULUS.
Nursing mothers take the remedies themselves. If the infant shows absolutely no response initially then the state of mind of the parents should be taken into account. If both the parents are fearing the worst then ROCK ROSE should be administered to both the child and its parents.
If the infant cries because it is hungry, the mother knows the cause and puts the child to her breast.
If the infant or the child cries otherwise, then it has either pain some where, or is afraid, or a night-mare etc. In our routine practice we give only a dose of RESCUE Remedy to the crying child and it calms down immediately.

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