Friday, July 15, 2011 17:33
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Cosmetics can make us feel better and look better, especially if they are used to highlight our best features. They are as important as other grooming aids such as hairdressing and clothing. Where cosmetics have become contentious, however, is when it is claimed that they can remedy or even prevent the signs of ageing. These skin care products are very expensive and achieve very little. In the past, manufacturers were able to claim that their products had anti-ageing qualities because they were not governed by strict laws. The 1980s was an era when creams containing collagen, elastin, liposomes and the like were aggressively marketed, yet such products are no more than elegant moisturizers.The anti-ageing creams of the 1990s will no doubt all contain sunscreens and possibly Retin-A derivatives. So long as youth is a valued asset in our society, we will try to maintain it as long as possible. Cosmetics, therefore, will continue to be important to us. Although those who make them are now required to tell us what their products contain, we may actually be none the wiser as to their therapeutic effects.

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